Jagdish Thakor President of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee. A perfect blend of administrator, politician and reformer, Jagdish Thakor is at the forefront of changing the face of Indian politics.

Born on 1st July, 1957, Jagdish Thakor received a education, characterized by values and ethics.Today, the overall grounding helps him in heading numerous committees and association across the spectrum.

Political Activities at National Level

Observer for Punjab Pradesh Youth Congress to organized sammelans and rallies and plannes those at district level from Dt. 01.08.1989 to Dt. 19.08.1989. I have been sponsored by Mr.Mukul Vasnik , President of Indian Youth Congress, presenting acting as General secretary of all India Congress Committee.

The Prime Minister at that time none other than Last Shri Rajiv Gandhi and Mr. Bittaa was acting as President of Punjab Youth congress. During the span of my 18 days stay in Punjab. I have been attended 16 Public meetings. Thereafter in two public meetings, the chair persons were killed by the terrorists attack at the venue of meeting and next days instead of arranging the public meetings, we had to arranged condolence meeting. The report of the same was al ready submitted to Mr. Mukul Vasnik at that time.

Political Activities at International Level

The Central Government, at the instance of Late. Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi Selected me as Delegate in The World Youth Festival at South Korea from Dt. 21.06.1989 to 10.07.1989.

President - N.C.E

N.C.E (NGO) Education Seminar attend to Bangladesh in Dhaka- since -2013.

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